Tuesday, March 10, 2009

you know I wanna ask you to dance...

We all know my love of T.Swift and this song sort of sums up my week. Smiles. The best part of getting off work at 6 pm is driving my little red wagon home and watching the sunset over the mountains. So pretty. Today was the kind of day where you want to skip work and just go hiking or skipping. If I did that I would get fired. Instead I spent a little time working on my poleography, keep in mind there are two of us on the pole at the same time. It is STUNNNNNINGLY amazing. Here, in a romper, I shall demo it for you to see. My lines are good but my strength is still pretty pathetic. I will get it, still have 2 weeks until previews. You might notice that I have a huge ass. It is true. I am like the j.lo of the skinny dancer chicks, for some reason I have this huge ballet ass that just bubbles out. YOU might think that is the most entertaining thing about the video, not true, what the guy behind me, timber, as I dance, he is so busy texting and then looks up and YAWNS, I guess my act still needs work!

Today I discussed the new season of DWTS with Mel and Kelly, I am still on team steve o, and they seem to think that it is unfair that a DCC is on it, since cheer is so much like dance. I still like the jilted woman. I also had to give it up to lil' kim. She shook her huge booty and I can RELATE! ha ha ha, gosh I love that show.

Head first, fearless!!!!!!