Saturday, March 7, 2009

Friday night heels.

Last night my new Louboutin's begged me to take them out. I agreed. So much fun, I went to a thing called "first friday" in the arts district in Las Vegas, there was a bonfire, vintage shopping and enough hipsters to make it feel like Brooklyn. It was fun, then we headed over to beauty bar. It was beautiful. I love dancing to music and wearing amazingly tall shoes and towering over everyone. The world is so small but that is okay because I get to walk through it with my head held high.

Today we did a full run of Peep and it was AMAZING. Each number is so different and so sexy. I saved Mel's life today too. Your welcome to all her fans. My pole stuff is coming along so well and I am feeling so strong and I LOVE my TRIO with Mel B. She is such a workaholic and so amazing and I still cannot believe I get to hang with her!

Tonight Mel, Kelly, Jerry and the rest of the cast are headed to Striphouse for dinner and then Prive for a celebration! I seriously LOVE this cast and I just love my new life. The amount of fun I can have when I just focus on myself is amazing.

Leather skirt. Sky High Heels. Red nails. It's saturday night y'all!