Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bombshell blonde and PINK?

Once upon a time I was at some music awards and was bored out of my mind, I stood in a random lobby having an amazing convo with a dude who knew some dudes I knew. His name was Butch, he was a songwriter, I had no idea who he was. I went home, checked out his myspace and realized he had written some of my favorite songs ever and more importantly had saved me from dying of boredom that night. He was the most interesting thing about the vmas that year, honestly. Him and Alan. When I wrote him to say hello, and that I dug his music and it was great meeting him he wrote me back that the most refreshing thing about the awards was me. well, whatever, the story doesn't really matter, except to give my own self an ego boost in public I suppose, what does matter is the butch is rad, his music is rad, and I most likely will never have another convo with the guy but I sing his songs very loud in my car all the time.

I like this one.

more news:
-Tommorrow, access, extra and the las vegas weekly are coming to video us, photograph us and interview us. Do not worry I self tanned.

-I am back to being a bombshell blonde and I sort of hate it.

-My backstage dresser is a tall, delicious looking man named Justice, he is NOT in fact as I was told gay, but married. He has seen me naked and I do not know his last name, I asked him if his wife as ok with him doing this job of dressing me, and the lady next to him said, I am her mother. Both very cool cats, and a very ballsy wife. That is for sure.

-my mom sent me a card that says " my emotional baggage is chanel". cool mom.

-Mel B. husband is very hot. He has a brother. intresantaaaaaaaa..... hee hee.

-In the show I wear a $300 la perla bra, $700 miu miu shoes and a 18,000 dress. I think I should have asked for more money!!

-Hobo, bono and delilah are having the time of their lives right now.

-There is a number where I have an all pink costume, and there is pink paint. PINK is my favorite colour, pink on the lips of your lover! tee hee hee.