Monday, March 16, 2009

monday morning good news!

OKAY FINALLY I can let y'all know about some good news! I have been biting my cheeks for a few weeks to not say anything but now I NEED YOUR HELP! I am serious.

One of the coolest dancewear companies out there "SUGAR AND BRUNO" has asked me to design some shirts for them for their back to school line. What a dream come true, other dancers on their list are

Kameron Bink
Chelsie Hightower
Nick Demoura
Tyce Diorio

check out their amazing website at, they are so fast paced and make the coolest dancewear. job now is to collect a million great ideas and find out what YOU love and what you want to wear. DO you like v-necks or crew necks? long sleeves or short sleeves? A tunic? I need design ideas, saying ideas, color ideas. Send me pictures of your favorite tshirts to, if you are walking in the mall or in school and see something great LET ME KNOW. If I use any of your ideas I will send you a free shirt when my line comes out.

My mantra has always been courage. passion. hard work. and this is going to be the inspiration for these shirts. I want them to represent me and what I stand for but I also want them to be something you would wear if you are a dancer, or not. Maybe you are a dance fan? Or just a fan of my writing? I want my shirts to be able to worn with jeans and look amazing, or with booty shorts in class. Send in ideas!

THe universe just keeps blessing me. You all keep blessing me with kind words and inspiration to keep going, keep dancing and keep dreaming.

Love keltie

dancer. choreographer. Entrepreneur. CLOTHING LINE DESIGNER!