Friday, February 10, 2012

new home.

hi. it's me.

Lots of readers have been writing me, upset that I am blogging for Buzznet and not here on HKHH anymore. I wanted to explain why, and offer you some insight as to where you can find those super heartfelt, inspiring blogs you loved on HKHH, now!

1) This year I retired from dancing. Very weird for me. I also retired from having a job. Buzznet can help someone create a career out of being a blogger. I like that.

2)All the HKHH goodness is still there. I call them “heart blogs.” I post 2-3 of them a week, just like I did on HKHH. They are full of questions for the universe and all the good heart filled stuff you loved on HKHH. I’ll show you. Click here.

3)Buzznet allows me to share things, that I never could on HKHH. Trust me, I spent ALOT of time gathering images, inspiring quotes, music playlists I love, and fashion and makeup ideas that I love. Everything is handpicked by me, and it is an extension of my writing. Sometimes this might seem stupid to you, but sometimes, I feel like talking about glitter instead of the inner workings of my heart. Plus, I have a wedding to plan, so I have dresses and flowers to talk about- please join me!

Look, I know change sucks, but I also know that I work really hard to continue to write great heartblogs, and feed your HKHH selves. You’ve been with me since the beginning, and I love each and every one of you. I encourage you to come over to buzznet and take a peak at what i am trying to do. I am really enjoying myself. I think you will too.