Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When the wind blows we go to.

Things i might love right now:

*Mel b, the queen of girl power and her use of the word " wanker" and her great life advice.

*Alpine trail mix from fresh and easy

*my new obsession and new friends at the doggie park.

*Josh strickland's sweet amazing voice.

*24 pack cases of diet coke.

*My custom mini top hat for opening night to go with my feather dress

*The big ass craft book

*An exciting weekend of fun at first friday and then a celebration at Prive on Saturday!

*The clarity of letting go, moving on and in the words of my brother, " finding my balls".

I have been thinking alot about the word "loser", and I am thinking about redefining it. I was at the doggie park and was talking to this guy and woman about things I like to do besides going to the dog park, and I would say them, and right after say, "I am such a loser". These things were getting a library card, crafts, reading, pilates, sending postcards, what not to wear marathon saturdays, knitting, playing online scrabble with my mom and bestie all the way from Canada. MAYBE, this makes me a loser, but I think that us losers might have the secrets to life. We talked about how you cannot depend on anyone to make you happy and thus have to just do the things each and everyday that make you happy. These things make me happy. My friend Daniel told me recently that I am just " a really pretty geek". That is true but isn't Jason Mraz a geek (in the pink)? because if Mr. A-Z is a geek then please count me in, I will hang on his delicious geektails anyday.

Last night my homework at "Keltie School" was to make a list of all the things I expectations that I have for the way other people treat me. Some of the things I said were, Do what you say you are going to do, be honest, be happy for me when good things happen, be nice to me...and I was told that my expectations were pretty pathetic, and that those are things that ALL humans should be, and that I need to set the bar a little higher. That is some good advice. I think as entertainers we get so used to being used, talked down too, cut at auditions, treated badly by divas that somehow that morphs into acceptable behavior in real life. Demand more people. I am going to from now on and I suggest you all do to.

Wes Hutchinson, my good friend, who is in my book. He loves red wine and is the "best chick songs sung by a guy songwriter" I have ever known. I've seen Wes play about a hundred times in the best venues of NYC, Rockwood, Arlenes, Pianos, Joes pub and when I listen to his music is makes my heart ache for summer in the Lower East Side. Enjoy and then go listen to "stay till someday" and you will perish from awesomeness.