Monday, March 30, 2009

about to start...

Tommorrow we start working 12 hour days to get the show ready for our first preview on Thursday. This morning at "work" I went with my cast and sat by the pool so people could snap pics of us with our stars. It was a slight to not so slight gongshow.

At dinner I had some fatburger. I also had an amazing talk with my dance captain and friend, who is having a tough patch with his heart. Isn't it so amazing how easy it is to give advice and just how hard it is to actually take the advice. My friend is a thunderbolt of raw talent, good looks and a kind heart and yet, someone managed to take all that forgranted, my advice, forget that stupid head and move on. SO much easier told than done. I am thankful my clarity came quick.

I spent the night packing because I move into my new condo this week! So very exciting. Between the move, 12 hour days and a photoshoot mid week it should be pretty insane. So excited to get the show up and running. It is looking amazing.

Today someone said this to me " you've got that guy who probably has alot of money and then that guy who doesn't have as much money but looks really great with his shirt off pining after you, I would say that's a pretty good place to be" - I laughed out loud. What is so great about my life right now is that I want nothing but to just be all about myself. It is a very strange feeling because most of my life I have had my crutch of people to raise my self-esteem for me, and now, I am on the road to just doing it myself. I want it all and nothing at the same time. Right now I am listening to Bloc Party "blue light" and I am thinking people in your life can only hurt you as badly as you let them. If you demand more and they cannot give it to you, then they have lost and you have not sold one ounce of your soul to the devil. STAND UP GIRLS! BOYS! PEOPLE! stand up for yourself, demand more for yourself, demand more from the people around you. Just because " all men cheat" or " everyone makes mistakes" does not mean that it should be ok. It is not. WE are WAY to badass to be treated like ass. (two asses in one sentence yes!)

ps.I am about to launch a brand new amazing website created by the fellows that created the Sugar and Bruno website and I would ike to have a friends photos page, so PLEASE email you wearing a book me tank, or anything else to so I can put the pics up! Bria you will be #1 with the cover and you pic you sent!

pps. Hobo is snoring.