Wednesday, March 18, 2009


#1- Super overwhlemed and in love with all of you, I have gotten SOOOOOO many amazing emails for design ideas. Seriously. Coolest group of people ever. Your ideas were all so good, and made me get so super inspired!I am writing each of you back, I swear, but it might take me a while, I will though, you wrote me. :)

#2- Would you wear a dance dress or a romper? Like american apparel romper or their long tank dresses. I really like the idea of doing something with those things.

#3- TEAM STEVE-O. He has the cutest smile ever. Did anyone notice my friend Fred tonight on DWTS? So cute. Love me some fred.

#4- Vintage shopping today found $13 gucci heels and an amazing 1970's black, silver and purple sequin top that is perfect for anything to do with a time I might need to wear glitter, which is pretty much each and everyday.

#5- Kelpie and Loftie forever. Hobo and Lady Forever.

#6- I only had one diet coke today, success!

#7- Tommorrow more press at rehearsals. Wearing my black romper from target and a sensible legwarmer, as usual. Please let it be a good hair day.

#8- weight gainer powder tastes like a "worm that has been sitting in the sun for three days full of cheese" gross.

#9- best drawing of the day. (see above picture) the robot is wearing a book me tank!