Thursday, March 26, 2009

what to do on a day off.

I hung with albie tonight and we decided to move all the furniture and do some dancing. So good for the soul. Also, good for the soul, and amazing hour at "keltie school". I had the courage to stand up for myself, and do instead of my regular...what ever will make everyone else feel good...and instead did something I really needed to do. Say goodbye, really. It feels amazing. Refreshing. and hard.

So here is something albie and I threw together. Dancing on the carpet, not so fun. Dancing. So fun. Music is so beautiful. We shall work on it more in the studio soon. Keep you posted.

HEY ALSO, small detail. I got my copy of my dance spirit today! So cool. I let some friends read it, very cool article and very sweet what Michelle, A and Ry said about me. One day I will believe all of it. They say you shouldn't believe your own hype, but someone told me today that I have to believe SOME of it, like, I am a good dancer, I am a good person- or I am a nutso. I agree.

Albert says, its ok to believe the good stuff, but then you have to believe the bad stuff too. In that case I am gonna believe nothing.

"it was just that the timing was wrong"- story of my life. seriously. If one more person says this to me, I will throw up the words- timing and wrong. barf.