Monday, March 9, 2009

Stacey Sund

Sometimes when I need a laugh I just look at this picture that Stacey Sund sent me of herself. It is classic. laugh. got it.

Sooo.... who watched Dancing with the Stars tonight? I did, right after hobo ran out into the backyard in my friends pool and thought that the pool cover was ground and decided to run on it, sink and go for a swim! Oh hobo, awkward like her mother.

So. Still have major crush on edyta and her HOT rehearsal outfits, she loves legwarmers, I love legwarmers= Love connection!

But this year I am rooting for Steve-o because his turns made me want to be alive. His arms in first position were maybe the cutest thing I have ever seen.

and of course, I am totes rooting for the jaded lady from the bachelor. Scorned women unite! I would be rooting for her because DCC was maybe the highlight of my fall on tour, and yes it is totes unfair that she was a cheerleader but that dude dumping her on television, well. She's pulling it together and shining on. Can't help but root for her.

So team Steve0 and team bachelorette.

Tommorrow Extra. E!. Entertainment tonight and ever other new outlet are coming to watch our rehearsals. It's big time y'all. Very exciting.