Tuesday, March 24, 2009

backstage at PEEP!

Today was press day, we did covers for all the mags, and interviews ect. Very cool. This costume, is sort of unfinished- i have a giant cape, yes like the superhero that I am, but it is not done yet. I play the "lil P" as in little pig from the 3 little pigs. As you can see I am a full fledged blondisma again, my mom will be happy. I am not.

So, here are some show pics from backstage, keep in mind that, I do not wear this on a regular basis, it is a costume. Also notice my Miu Miu shoes. AWESOME. Also notice how perfect Josh is. Also notice how miss. loftiss is pulling focus, big time. in the words of her man, "oh miss. loftiss, marry me".

We also have a "take out time out". This is where the bad girls go. Mostly mel b ends up on it. She is silly. I have more pics and stories but I am beat, and need to sleep. I had an amazing conversation about life and actually stammered the words, "I am not looking for a boyfriend" for the first time, maybe in my life. I guess I feel like, if you make a deal, then you also make a contract, which of course can be broken, and that hurts man, so I am just choosing to hang with awesome people and I kinda like being single.

Ry + I wrote a song about this subject a few months ago and it went something like this:

"why'd ya turn my kiss into a contract,
when all I want to do is want

I want you
I don't want you
to want to let me go
I want you
I don't want you
I never want you to wanna let me go
I never want you to have to let me know. "

I can't really remember it. It was this idea I had and sometimes when he would play I would make up songs and we'd start working on it. I just remember the pressure of having to live up to everything, and when you make a big choice to have to do everything to just make it work.
I have decided it is alot easier to not make choices, and just let life come at you. It is amazing what the universe will put in front of you if you stop fighting it, and just open your eyes and heart to everything around you. The choices I do make everyday as so simple: wake up, eat healthy, smile, spend time talking to the people who really matter, play scrabble online, save my money, drink water, enjoy the artistic process and love your family. Dance. sing. skip.

I have a crush. Keeping it in the crush zone. But he's awesome.