Friday, March 20, 2009

uni-verse + tard

I was going to upload a video of my backstage today but it did not work. I was also going to upload a video of me opening the candy care package Zoey from the UK sent me-that did not work either. Instead you get one of my favorite music videos of all time.

The universe feels right. I stayed up really late last night and I felt really special and beautiful. It is unfortunate when we allow the actions of others to take away our spark or our self- confidence. It feels great to have it back. Delicious actually. I believe the universe keeps challenging me so I wont take a single thing forgranted that is going on. I am not, trust me uni, so stop throwing the swords into days! Speaking of Uni, mel b rocked a hotass unitard today in rehearsal. She might have the greatest bum ever.

Tonight Albie came over and gave me another cooking lesson, this was #3 and I made a badass meal for him and my roomie Carlos. I am going to learn how to cook real food from scratch and tonight I made a yellow pepper, tomatoe and spinach pasta with garlic and olive oil sauce, it was delicious! yay me.

Tommorrow we move into the theatre to "tech" the show, this means longer days, and alot of work. I had a costume fitting today and tried on my 18,000 couture gown I wear in the show! So insane. My costumes are so amazing and I even get to wear miu miu shoes in the opening, very posh. Thanks so much to Greg Barnes for being the most creative person alive sewing. Everyone is in the process of getting our hair cut and coloured for the show and it is exciting. I wonder what my look will be!

What if there isn't a heaven, or an afterlife, or another life. What if THIS is it? WHAT WOULD YOU DO? dance full out everytime, do what you say you are gonna do and enjoy. seriously, enjoy your ride. If we only get one, you better make it good!

love you,