Wednesday, March 25, 2009

happy birthday boobs!

Sometimes being a girl is fun. Reasons below:

Red Lipstick
glittery shirts
dinner for 10 of your friends for free just because they want you to sit there and look hot in said red lips
bottles and bottles of free drinks, (I of course drank water all night- kicking dehydration in the balls!)
Girlfriends, noteworthy- Allie and miss. Loftiss who have inspired so much, mostly in the "allie face" department.

Last night was the first night in many moons where I felt like myself, had fun, and was not faking it. I honestly had a blast.

BUT more importantly, Today is my best friends Katie's Bday. Hi boobies! This is great for so many reasons, now we are the same age (she has yet to get one wrinkle however), the world revolves around her for a day (which is should) and mostly somewhere in the world there is cake.

Katie has saved my life in so many ways, I could never explain. For example, I just got my heart thrown through the ringer a little while back and when the shock, awe and hurt set in I never had to be alone. Katie called me twice a day everyday until I could get out of bed myself. She sent me emails about how strong I was and mostly she played a fierce game of online scrabble with me. We have been friends since first grade, I have a very clear memory of her and her twin "muffin" ( i love nicknames!) at my grade one bday party playing with balloons. We wore matching guess jeans to the mall. We loved new kids on the block and had mall bangs. We worked at the same place all through high school. We held hands when I moved away and she came to visit me and we fell asleep somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Katie is the #1 best person I have ever met. I want to be like her in every way. She inspires me so much to be a good, kind person. She only sees about 10% of the beauty she posesses. She has great hair. She has a great boyfriend. She is a cat person (i forgive you), but also has a dog. Happy birthday to the love of my life, my bestie, and the most amazing women I know. It's been an honor to grow up beside you.

gotta run!