Friday, March 13, 2009

if you have something to say, you better say it now.

"As humanity evolves we must take every day and every breath as if it is the first, last and only thing we have because if I constantly work on myself, my soul and dealing with the daily influx of emotions, grudges, ego, hurt, happiness, forgiveness, resentment and mistakes then I have only grown to deal with the past. If we see things and people in our lives as they were yesterday then there has been no growth. We must give eachother the constant ability to change. Everything that happened in the past, never happened. I do not know that person, those days. I only know this day, this person standing before me and the words and actions as they say them, or do them in front of me. We must let everything and everyone in our lives evolve."

Once a few summers ago I wrote this on a summer, sweaty night in Vegas. I believed it then, and I believe it even more now. Life goes on.

I have been listening to alot of the frames as of late. I downloaded ALL of their records and sing along to glen in the car. So good. I love this song, I think he wrote it for me, knowing I would need it one day.

ps. I know this might sound lame, but thank you so much for writing me, twitterlating me, emailing me and commenting me when you watched my video, and saw my cover! I've been getting so many calls! My video was the most watched video for the first 24 hours ever on ! and I owe it all to you, seriously. My first ROX roomie Jenee called me today and she still Subscribes to DS! So cool. I am just awestruck and so happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I have so much exciting news on the keltie front but it has to be under wraps right now, and as SOON as I can share I WILL! I constantly thank the universe for giving me all these amazing blessings, because I am still so lost and hurt and having a hard time trusting anything anyone says to me, that if it was not for all of you - And my awesome dancelife, I would have nothing wonderous to smile about all day long!
enjoy the song, hobo and I have a date with a movie and a delicious diet coke.