Sunday, May 17, 2009

Vegas Skies

So last night was a busy night at Peepshow.

I was lucky enough to have some amazing friends in the crowd at both shows. The funniest was my friend Alex. Alex is in a rad band called the Cab. We laughed about the night they got signed and played for Pete in the basement of the Palms and I was running around in my undies in the Gym Class video. Strange life we lead. Anyways, You should check out the CAB, their music is VERY pop-ish but perfect for a car ride, beach or getting ready for a night out. Plus, Alex is one of the sweetest people in showbiz, very grounded and just all around good, good good. It was fun to have them in the audience, Peepshow is a long way from rockshow! The looks on their faces was priceless!

I also got to hang post-show with super cutie IVAN from So You Think You Can Dance (season 2?). We had an amazing convo about our love for NYC. He is from LA and just moved a year ago to NYC and is dancing/filming the new Step Up 3 movie right now! Very exciting for him. We talked about why New Yorkers are the best people and why NYC is so inspiring for dancers. He is a SUPER rad dude, and anyone who is a fan of dance should be a fan of his. Team IVAN!

Like I told Alex last night. Some people get really lucky, and then some people have to hussle for their success. The trick is to never give up, no matter which way you came in. Never ever give up. The people who are really successful in their craft, never call it quits when the world throws them curves. They just do a dorky run and a cartwheel around the curve!