Monday, May 25, 2009

open letter

If I could write myself an open letter it would say

Dear Keltie,

Stop being such a pathetic loser. You are hot, talented and funny. You are better than the mistakes you are making.

Love Keltie

Here is the thing. Life is like school, we are constantly learning. So we all go through life having seen the movies, read the books and watched others surrounding us go through the motions. But unless we get a chance to live it, we never really know what our minds will do when faced with any kind of adversity. Last night a very wise castmate Lena told me to give myself a break because, I was learning. That we have to make mistakes in life in order to learn, we cannot expect ourselves to deal with everything the right way when we have never done it before. You have to fall off the bike sometimes. She said " Keltie, people mistake your kindness for weakness" but don't let them be fooled, you are a very fierce woman.

Here is a toast to a brand new day! This is a day where I will expect more out of people. This is a day where I will be the strongest woman I have ever been. I will not be afraid to let MY TALENT SHINE.

The thing about mistakes is...of course anyone who makes a mistake just needs to be forgiven. I am the Queen of the town of forgiveness! Buddha taught me that "to forgive is holy". Of course, we all make mistakes growing up and that is ok. That is why I never use the word hate. Everyone messes up. But it is when people mess up and make the same mistakes over and over and over and over again, predetermined mistakes calculated with no humanity involved. Well, that is when these mistakes become unforgivable. You cannot have your cake and eat it too in life. The worst lies you can tell are when you get caught in them. The best lies you can tell are when the lady in the dressing room next to you asks you if those pants make her look fat, and then answer is always no.

I guess that is it. I had a dream about the Keltie Colleen "fearless heart" tank for S&B last night and I think it was a sign to just hold my head up, keep working my butt off and focusing on the things I can control, which of course, is how I spend my time and who I allow into my world.

Keep you heads up! And know that it might not ever get any easier but we can change our struggles to lessons inside our heart each and everyday.