Saturday, May 16, 2009

More importantly.

Meet Justis. (clap clap)

You what I decided? You gotta just be happy man. I am so lucky. My life is super kick ass. I think it is easy, esp. in a city like Vegas to lose focus and touch with this things that really matter. Easy to get caught up. I used to be worldy and sit and drink tea in manhattan and think about how I could make the world better, lately I have been thinking alot about how to make MY world better. Life is bigger than, me, you or those nice shoes. Life is compassion and giving. Life is being the best person you can be each day and waking up with the mistakes of yesterday fresh on our minds and trying to BE BETTER than we were only moments before. Life is giving up, letting go, and forgiving those who have wronged you. Life is wanting everyone to be really happy. Really. (even those people you want to see rot in hell). Life is more than having your picture in a magazine, having money or having fame. Trust me. I have had versions of all three and none of them made me happy. What makes me happy is letters from young dancers who say I make them believe in their dreams, it is having my mommy here with me, happiness is waking up 20 minutes early so I can let my doggie stand on my chest and lick my face as my wake up, happiness is laying my head down with no regrets each night. Happiness is wishing the very best for other people and meaning it, happiness is being the #1 biggest dorkface on the planet.

Happiness is anything by the band pleasure pit. (thanks sarah)


I wish you the best!