Thursday, May 14, 2009

I got my kneepads on, do not worry.

What is the deal with "protecting" other people. In life, it seems like someone is always trying to "protect" someone else, and we call this protection, protection when it is actually just lying, or perhaps omitting the truth. Here is the deal. I don't need to be protected. I am a big, grown up girl. I am a big. grown up girl that has been dragged through the mud on multiple occasions. Trust me, I am more than okay to handle whatever big truth you feel you need to protect me from.

Here is an idea for all of us. Instead of running around behind people's backs, in relationships, in dressing rooms and in whatever area you feel the need to hush hush, why don't you learn something wonderful about how good it feels to be honest and open and a good person and just explain your feelings to others and let them decide what to do with the way it makes THEM feel. I am so tired of people "protecting" me with half truths and lies. How about we all start only making promises we can keep?

Grow up human race and just be better.