Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy doggie mom's day.

Here is a story about dance. Which also is a story about life.

Last night was a full moon. This means that very strange things can happen. They did. In the middle of Peepshow a few things broke and it left 12 dancers on stage without our poles to swing, contort, do ballet on. SO right before we walk onstage I just hear " just freestyle". I loves. So I walk to the end of the runway, cannot see what anyone behind me is doing and for 2 minutes just give all my tricks, kicks, leg hold turns, needles, turns. I am full out jazz dancer. FULL OUT! When I turn to see what the dancers behind me are doing, all of them are just posing, looking hot, kinda slinking around the stage. oops.

I got off stage and my dance captain came up to me and said "WORK!" you were "FULL OUT!" "she was letting me have it". I felt silly.

My point on this amazing sunday is : In life, you just have to go for it. Be full out at all times. Yes the people around you, behind you and beside you might be happily slinking through life with just enough, but I believe that it is much better to give all of yourself to each and everything you are going to do. 100% at all times. Someone can always pull you back. That person can never be you.

People will say I try to hard, work to hard, love to hard, but to me this is a strength. I give everything I have to whatever it is I am doing be it dancing on stage, dancing in my bedroom, listening to a friend, being a friend, falling in love, falling out of love, even writing this here little blogdisma. I give it my all. No one can ever say I didn't try.

I encourage you! yes you. To get out there today and be full out! Give all of yourself to this amazing day. I said to a friend of mine recently, that I wish I could just fast forward the next few months, and in turn they said to me. I'm sorry you feel that way, but do not spend all your time wishing time away, life is only a precious few moments and will be gone before you know it. So true.