Friday, May 29, 2009

Last night we had a going away party. The theme was 'I love Loftiss'.

Tonight is Lofties last night at Peep. I am devastated. I remember meeting Em many many years ago in New York. She is loud, abrasive and awesome and you always knew when this stunner walked into an audition. We became audition buddies, and I can remember he at the Fergie audition saying to me " Let's book this" and " Had to work hard for that one". It is still one of her favorite stories to tell about how the whitest nerdiest girl she knows booked that job. Back in '06 Em and I got to be in the Nashvegas cast of the ROX together and we had a a blast, I think that might have been on of the happiest contracts I ever had. We had sooooo much fun. Ever since then it has been Kelpie + Loftie forever.

Loftie is such an amazing friend. She has listened to me talk about my hair getting long and other annoying things for the last 4 months sitting beside eachother in the dressing room. She has cried with me, laughed with me and mostly just been such in inspiration to me to just work work work and be fab. I will miss her dearly. Hold fast to your true friends. They are gold. And in Miss. Loftiss's case, Gold is the only way to go.

Miss her already.