Tuesday, May 5, 2009

three things I love

in one place.

-men dancing with their perfect bodies and beautiful emotions.
-bad boys (duh).

Everyone needs to check out my "nice, caring and friendly" friend Albie in Rasta Thomas's "Bad Boys of Dance". Super dope company filled with some pretty zexy stuff. enjoy.

Yesterday in the dressing room and hair rooms at the show me + albie had a contest and took a vote, here are the results.

who is better looking? Albie (percent of gay boys should be taken here)
Who is nicer? Albie
Who is more friendly? Albie
Who is more caring? Albie
Who has better legs? Albie WTF!

This is such crap!!! and I feel like the hair room just hates me because I have a natural mullet. Totally unfair. Albie asked me to describe myself and I said " I have really great legs". He said that you can't use "great legs" to decribe onesself. Why not? I also said I was loyal and determined. Albie said that determined was an understatement. I liked that. SUPERDETERMINED! Stayed up till four am working last night building, hunting and learning. My ideas are so killer. I cannot wait to take the world by storm. Once I fell asleep I dreamed about Toronto for hours. So peaceful. Loved it.

Now I just have to work on getting my reputation back as the friendliest person on the planet.