Sunday, May 24, 2009

Last night I met Jason Thompson.

Things that Jason Thompson (from General Hospital) and I have in common:

-We are both from Canada
-We are both from Edmonton (st.albert/sherwood park close enough)
-We have both been on the front of the CULTURE section of the Edmonton Journal
-We both are friends with Kris Harvey (He runs the bars Jason owns and I went to high school with Kris)
-We both can name almost all the good chocolate bars from Canada
-We are both rad

It is a very very very small world. Just a reminder to be nice and cool to everyone because you will run into everyone again. Another reminder that Canadians are the best + make the best chocolate bars.

ps. Last night I attended the daily 10 Smashtime party at the hard rock, out of nowhere I got to see Jermaine Dupri, Toni Braxton, Nelly and Tyrese just jam on stage. It was wild in a rap + I was super out of place kind of way.