Wednesday, May 13, 2009

true love.

Let me tell you about my dog. Her name is HOBO. She is the love of my life. She did not start as mine, in fact, I did not think a doggie was a good idea for people who travel so much. Hobo spent the first year of her life travelling and staying with my friends when we were not around. Aunty Kristen, Aunty Haley, Aunty Mads had her ALOT. Then She moved to NYC with me because her dad was on tour. Hobo really loved NYC, just like me. She loved being on her leash and walking around the village and stopping for tea. But we had to leave NYC and Hobo went to Canada for 6 whole months last year and I did not get to see her at all. I was very sad. Sometime we ichatted and it made me miss her more. Then she came back to live in Las Vegas with her daddy and me. Then her Daddy moved to LA and gave me Hobo because he knew I was much closer to her than he was. He knew that I would take much better care of her. He misses her. Hobo misses him too. But mostly she only cares about food. Once she saw him at the doggie park and he brought her the biggest bacon bone ever. She loved it but usually only eats organic. :)

Hobo and I sleep next to eachother each and every night. For a while she used to sleep on my chest, but now she just sleeps beside me. Sometimes I hold her paw when I feel alone. I wake up every morning and she smothers my face with puppy kisses. Hobo is the light in every one of my days. She loves me unconditionally. She sheds alot. Hobo has made me see what real love feels like. I have never loved anything as much as I love her. This picture was actually taken while we were sleeping. There are three doggies in my bed, but you can only see two. The other one was practicing his trumpet.

There is no purpose to this blog. I just wanted to tell you how much I love Hobo.