Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nice Guys finish first.

Today Miss. Loftiss's man, ( call him Mr. Loftiss.) Called me and said he booked a last minute flight to vegas from NYC to come and see Loftie. #1- this is the sweetest thing in the world. #2- I love surprises! #3- I got to pretend that it was okay and normal for him not to call her for 6 hours and then blindfold her and have him run up to her at the airport. It was the most romantic thing I have ever seen. I love to see my friends so happy. True story, before Loftie and Mr. Loftie were together she dated, Alot, of people and some of the things that she was told " your enthusiasm is overwhelming" and then " I don't want a girlfriend" ( only for dude to have a gf, with no life, who just wanted to follow him around shortly after) by different fellows.

The moral of the story day, all of us will find our match, you can't force it on someone who doesn't want to be your match. Every deserves to have someone who is a total nutso fot them. That thinks they are better than sliced bread covered in nutella and bananas. :)

I hope one day I have a nice guy who flies across the country for 24 hours with me. Some guys get lonely and fill their time with thrills and some know how special they must be to have a kelpie or a loftie in their lives and just hold out for that. I am on team nice guy. Way to go jay. I can't wait to tell this story at you+loftie's wedding.

I also am happy to introduce maybe the greatest picture of all time to this blog. This is from the cinco party I attended on the fifth. I think it is the best thing since sliced bread with nutella and bananas!