Monday, May 4, 2009

I hope people hate me sometimes.

I would prefer that people watch me dance and love it, but I hope sometimes people hate me. Because it is raw and real. If you feel nothing then Art is useless.

Sitting on the couch with albie looking at old videos and new videos and putting together stuff for my new reel for my new (Amazing) site coming very soon. Found this diddy from last summer. I love Chris Hale and of course, I will always love this song and all songs that have ever been written about/for me. I remember having that "winding knee" and speaking my mind about "tripping eyes and flooded lungs". Mostly, Albie and I were having a convo about if I took as much class vs. time I spent on clothing, peep, dvds, websites and blogging how great of a dancer I would be. I showed him this and he said, I can't believe how technical you are, you never speak of yourself that way. I dance for me. I take classes like this for me. I work, shaking my booty, and wearing hair and lashes but to me, movement is art and moving slowly, as albie says shows off my talent. I am not perfect but I am getting there. I figure. One day soon I will be back in NYC taking my daily classes at BDC and just living for open air windows, steam on the mirrors and my good friends and good class.

That was a beautiful summer. I have the highest hopes for this summer filled with many highkicks!

Ps. I read this to albie and he said " I think you are perfect, we just work on being more perfect." :) cute.

pps. I think Stacey Tookey was in class with me that day, she's now judging on So You Think You Can Dance Canada, I could not be more proud of her. Werk.