Thursday, May 7, 2009

I would have loved you all my life.

So, first of you will notice my feet are all taped up. I am on the injured list with some arch and foot problems right now. Hurts to walk and to dance but you know, nothing a little tape can't fix. Please excuse my bad/hurt dance ability.

Second of all, I have a story. A story that goes with this piece. The best thing about today was sitting and thinking about what this song was telling us.

It begins at a perfect moment between two people. A moment where they are so amazing as an "us" that nothing else exists. You do not get to see this part, but you know what I am talking about. We pick up in the story where this guy is directing the girl into what he wants her to be, she is bending to be exactly what he says he wants, she is so sick of her feelings depending on the actions of another, she keeps pushing him away. This is a couple who were so perfect, were best friends, knew everything about each other and have now ended up in a place where they are strangers, neither one even remembers why they felt that way, they are losing their memory.

This is a story of a girl who is sick of feeling sad, of being taken forgranted and decides to look the guy and say "tell all your friends I am never coming back, this is the end." and as soon as she does, he follows her, runs after, her chases her because he remembers, as she walks a tightrope of being okay, and being not okay, every step is a step is a step but all she wants to do is get away, be free. She has long forgotten what ever made him special. She doesn't care if he misses her. She has lost her memory.