Monday, May 18, 2009

dance dance dance

Hobo wanted to say hey. She's been doing her daily OM's with me, as she is now a buddha pup. She's taken to wearing my meditation beads around the house. I dunno. She's a weirdo. Cute though.

So, I've recently made some new friends. One of them is this delicious man named Ben. Benjamin. Ben was on SYTYCD season 2 and was ROBBED! He is amazing, talented, loves my mom, and is so funny. (Plus loves bowler hats). Tonight I made him dinner at my place and we sat around watching ballet videos on youtube and I seriously thought in my head that there is not one place I would rather be. Gosh I wish I was a prima. Gosh I wish I was Ben. Anyways, check out this video of him being amazing. Wade's choreo is amazing in this. I wish the entire Criss Angel show actually was just his stuff and these amazing dancers, minus everything Criss and magic. A girl can dream. enjoy.