Monday, May 18, 2009

Cracks and cockroaches

maybe my heart is like my old apartment in queens. Maybe you never really get over things. Maybe each year you just get out some spackle and fill in some cracks and get a new shiny paint colour and paint over the old wall. The fresh new shiny paint looks alot like the old paint, just a little fresher and more exciting. But give it a few years and it's cracks will start to show through. You can cover up the cracks in your heart, but they never really go away, they are just less noticeable.

As for me, I like the cracks. I don't mind be replaced with a shiny new coat of paint, because for me, life is a series of little squares of time. Life was great then, life is great now and I am excited for the next little amazing square of time, and this fresh coat of paint.

"in here... Life is beautiful" - Emcee in Caberet