Monday, June 1, 2009

Expect the best-

Last night I got to meet my fellow Sugar & Bruno designer, and DWTS and SYTYCD Alum Lacey Schwimmer, she is so pretty and sweet ! Very cool to be in the family with her + her boyfriend is a total BABE. Get it Lacey!

***Also at Peepshow was the amazing RAY LEEPER! Such amazing energy. Realized last night that Albie is a rockstar in the dance world. Dated Mia? Knows every single person that walks through the door? Video with Bob Rizzo? In Bad Boys? Perhaps trying to matter in a world that doesn't matter to me was a huge mistake. Maybe the world in which I live and play, aka DANCEWORLD, really has everything I need. No need to cross market and play with things out of my realm. Why? When dancers are the best people? Like Ablie said to me last night. The most attractive thing about a person is talent, and so much talent in the world can be faked now a days, but dancers. You cannot fake it. You cannot airbrush it. You cannot auto tune it. It just is. He told me he has a hard time being atrracted to anyone but dancers because regular folk they lack that grace and self- awareness. Something to think about I guess...

Also had a really neato convo with Monica (and then had a dream last night we were girlfriends, she is really hot.) Anyways, it has to do with God, which I will not touch on here, but she said " maybe god was looking at you and realized that you were so strong in every other area except one, he decided that he needed you to get this weak area up on par with the other areas in your life". This was in response to me saying, just that, sometimes I just feel like I have such amazing control of everything in my life but my heart. I feel things so deeply and let so many people take advantage of my kindness. I am self-less in relationships and I always end up getting kicked in the ass. I am so the opposite in every other area of my dancelife and I just end up kicking ass. Monica says, perhaps that God was trying to teach me to follow this pattern in other areas. Lessons to be learned.

I also got this really amazing email from Bryan Hainer who is a super talented Photog I worked with on my new website (have you been yet???!!!!!) and this is what he said, out of the blue....

"I've know you briefly but notice you often downplay yourself. You make a valid point about the industry of smoke and mirrors. We both know it is absolute bullshit at times! But dont underestimate what it took for you to get to where you are. Few people have the will power to do what you are doing and succeed. Many people are talented but it takes more than that to swim with the sharks and come out smiling. So don't let excessive humbleness overshadow your accomplishments! "

I thought that was really sweet and a great reminder, so here is a reminder to all of us! Get out there and kick butt! Be proud of yourself and expect the best out of people!!! Expect the best out of yourself and never settle for less than you deserve in any of the areas of your life!

I am proud of all of you. I am damn proud of myself. Thanks for all the emails. I get about 60 a day!!!!! I am WAY behind on responding but I love you all, admire your courage and passion for life!