Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cry Me a River.

It all comes together.

Friends at Peepshow. It looks like this.

Friends hang with cast after the show and K. Monaco says to Bry + Alex, you are hot, and then to Sonny, you not so much. We have beverages. It looks like this.

Alex sings to Kelly in order for her to agree to be his lover in the next video. We talk about ideas. All of them involve nakedness and hotness. Kelly says, sex sells. Alex turns bright red. It looks like this.

We dance. Sing. Laugh. and there might have been some sky high boots and a lumberjack shirt involved. I know for sure someone was wearing mandles, because Mike made up a song about it.

In honor of little Alex being brave and serenading miss. Monaco. I give you the Justin song that makes the most sense. Sung by my fave Glen Hansard.

Bridges are burned, now it's your turn to cry. So cry me a river.