Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Emily Shock,
You are so brilliant.
Love Keltie

Clinton Martin,
Please get older and then come dance/marry me.
Love Keltie

Glen hansard,
Thanks for making my second favorite soundtrack of all time and taking me back to the lower east side indie movie theatre where I would go and watch movies alone all summer long. There were lessons in those streets I should have listened to then. I am listening now.
Love Keltie

i guess it is...
that we all want the same basic things.
to be loved.
to be recognized.
to have purpose.
to give love.
as different as we all are.
it all comes down to the simplest needs.
and i am reminded how easy it is
to give what is needed
and how easy it is
to take it away
i hope i look to give myself
to the right people.
people who recognize me
as something they need
and want
someone who makes them feel
and maybe complete
i also hope that
i slow down
and accept the love i am given
instead of grazing other pastures
full of empty things.
designer love.
boxes tied with strings.
i want to know what home feels like.
i want to search for what is really real.
so i am making a plea.
of a brighter day.
so that i can see clearer
what it is
that i honestly