Thursday, June 4, 2009

wakey, wakey, eggs and pasties.

I am covered in hives. Seriously. People say it is stress, but I think it might be not enough mint areo bars in my system? D?

I consider myself a pretty rad conversationalist. I love to read, books, newspapers and faces. I have been looking for someone to out chat me. I think I have found this person. One day we will all be old. One day we will all be has-beens. One day my face will be all wrinkled. One day I will have to have someone else bring me my cups of tea. One day, the only attractive thing about me will be my ideas, mind and thoughts.

I spend alot of time away from the people I love. I have always found myself in long distance relationships because of my never ending need to travel for work. I never give up my dreams for others and thus, I cannot always be with them. I still love to send snail mail to the people I care about most. But what I really love, really, really adore. Is spending an afternoon on the telephone with someone who has an amazing mind, and being out chatted. It makes me feel at home, even when I am far from, or still unsure of where home might be.

3 days until one of the fellows in the above picture comes to hang in Veg-lame-us. with me.