Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's my turn- I won't be held down, no.

I Hope your hell is filled with magazines and on every page you see a big picture of me.

Today on my twitter (are you following me? www.twitter.com/keltiecolleen) I listed a lyric from my favorite Kina song that says "Not bad for a girl from the gutter like me". Then the canadians got really mad. Correction: I am not from the gutter. I do not think Canada is the gutter. I used to make boats out of leaves and when my dad washed his car in the driveway I would float them down the gutter into the sewer, in fact, I love that gutter on georgian way.

What the song means to me, and what I ment is... Some trash has been thrown in my face and some nasty stuff has happened to me, and here I am, during a week where I got the meet Uncle Jesse, dance the night away with my favorite spicegirl and then have her come down and give me half her shoe closet as a going away pressie, put finishing touches on my first clothing line, talk to Robin Leach about Pilates, had a fan bring me a handmade Lil' P cupcake, had another fan drive many many hours just to meet me, and it just got me thinking like, Hell yeah! I am kicking butt! For someone who came from not alot of talent, and not alot of money I have really created something rad for myself. I never asked anyone for help, I just asked them for support.

Anything, ANYTHING, is possible. Seriously. It just takes focus, drive and hard work. A really great headshot will help too. So will a romper, a romper helps everything. A veggie burger from Fatburger will also help, get the combo. You know else will help? A really good concealer and a facial. Also, you might want to try singing in the shower. It seems to help, although, no one else seems to think so. I also think that a gaggle of good girlfriends can help, but only if they have great crafting skills. A yodelling pickle will also help but I left mine in Austin and I seem to be doing okay, so maybe that wouldn't help after all.