Friday, June 26, 2009

I wish you well, and hope you find whatever your looking for...

I am really looking forward to the day where I can find a balance between being a work-a-holic, dance-a-hoilc, pilates-a-hoilc and social-a-hoilc. Only recently did I add the last two to my plate and I think some cut back are needed. I am beat. So tired. Albert and I were pathetic (sorry albie) in Pilates privates this morning. I just kept saying " that seems like alot of work". Now we have two more shows and another appearance tonight. I just woke up from a nap where I dreamed about dancing to this song. I love when there is is singing in my dreams. This tune is haunting, true and amazing. I have been a big fan of hers for years.

I had a convo with Robin Leach where he told me he reads my blog (what!) and that it was sort of a disaster. He did however love my banner. He told me that I was scatterbrained and never finish an idea. I dunno. I write like I talk. I just go. I've had to learn to think before I speak in the last few years after having boot taste in my mouth many times. I never sit down with an idea to write about, I just say it like it is. Mostly it is....(unfinished).

Last night I went to my first gay bar ever. I know it seems strange, but I used to be social homebody and never leave my house and just work. So alas, Holly + I got the idea to go find out dance captain and we went! I have to say, I am never going to a regular bar again (well, other than tonight, when I have to!) this new world is so amazing. Hot men dancing their butts off! (who cares that they play for the other team), great tunes and Holly and I could dance, dance , dance without any "Bros" coming up behind us to grind with us without asking (gross). It was awesome. They played MJ all night, and we rocked with "Him" all nittteeeee. RIP.

Tommorrow is the fearless heart photoshoot and I could not be more excited. A giant sheet, red paint, a super talent artist and a contorted Keltie shall prove to be magical- I hope.