Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just can't wait to be king.

Last night I went down to the pool to make some smores and hang in the hot tub. When I got down there I was slightly annoyed to see about 6 kids in the pool at 12:30 pm. My month long migraine has made quiet time very important after the loudness of our show. I thought to myself, what are these little kids doing up at 12:30 pm? Then I realized that they were most likely in a show out here. So albie + I asked and sure enough they were the kiddies from Lion King.

The story gets better when one of the girls mom's told me the story about how Jayde (her daughter) landed Lion King. She said she had gotten an email fwd, fwd, fwd, fwd about the casting and asked her daughter who had no formal dance, voice or acting lessons if she wanted to go. Jayde replied to her mom, "I want to go, I am gonna get that part". So she shows up with 600 other kids, most who have been in dance since they could walk, some who have agents, managers, headshots, resumes, vocal coaches, acting coaches and lots and lots of formal training. Jayde goes in and does the audition and beats out all the other girls for role. I think this is an amazing story and should serve as inspiration for everyone who thinks, It is too late to start dancing, or I can't audition because I have no training. This girl is 9 years old and is now a lead in the Vegas Company of the broadway production of Lion king. So amazing.

Last night made me feel so lucky to be alive. After a snack of smores, some hot tub and some very inspiring stories I fell asleep under the stars in front of a fire with my puppy spooning with me. It was really amazing. Albie and I got talking about the sky, gravity and how fast we were actually turning and yet feeling so calm at the same time. It was great. I said for the first time in about 2 years, "this is exactly where I am ment to be".

That all changed this morning when I dragged my butt to advanced ballet. I have not taken a ballet class in about 6 months and whoa did it show. So gross. Really, really bad. I got a little choked up when we went to do Pas De Cheval at the barre, I remember this guy I used to know playing me demos of songs and me pas de Chevalling all over myrtle beach on the grass doing "the step of the horse" and being a complete idiot. It's funny how when you are mad at someone that you get to forget all the really fun things about them, that was a super fun day. I guess I must be healing because I can look back and smile about those things, and still feel like Pas De Cheval's are runied for me for life. I guess I am somewhere in the middle. I don't really think bout it much and then something will just catch me off hand. Weird. The good news about that is that Pas De Cheval's were already ruined for me because I have the WORST FEET on the face of the planet. I hate anything that requires fast movement in the foot. If I could have a conversation with 15 year old keltie it would say, GO TO YOUR FRIDAY NIGHT BALLET CLASS! I was pretty well known for skipping it. eeek. If I had only known...So many different things.

Tonight is Miss. Holly's opening at Peepshow. All the press will be here and we have a gala for her afterwards. I am excited. I am happy to have made a friendship with her and some of her girls. They remind me alot of my NYC girls and it is great to be in a group of fun chicks. Holly and I both really enjoy acting like we are 12. She loves a knee sock and I love a romper. I think she is the best kind of hot girl, the really dorky kind. Wishing her all the luck in the world tonight. I also love her because she an I are both members of PETA. Here is her super hot ad.

Ps. my other charity "broadway cares/equity fights AIDS" raised $808,000 at this years Broadway Bares! Congrats!
Pps. Gotta get ready! Way Behind!