Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Karma's gonna visit you too.

Last year I took over 100 flights. Most of them were from New York to Las Vegas. I spent alot of time in the Las Vegas Baggage claim. Looks like I will be spending even more. (ie. Giant Keltie and Tara will hang at the airport all day long)

When you get cheated on it really messes with your self confidence. Seriously. You think. Was I not pretty enough? Hot enough? What was wrong with me? I have sat and stared at the ceiling for hours pondering this many times, in many different relationships. You think about all your flaws and it messes with your mind and self-worth.

When you are a professional dancer the exact same thing happens. After you get cut at an audition that you were perfect for, you sit staring at the ceiling thinking, what is it that is wrong with me? Was I not pretty enough? Hot enough? Talented enough? What was wrong with me? You sit and makes lists of all the things you wish you could change about yourself...

I wish my hair was longer
I wish I didn't still have zits
I wish my arms were not so long
I wish iI had blue eyes
I wish
I wish
I wish

I was looking at this image this morning and I realized that, although I may not be flawless, the is NOTHING wrong with me. I think I have come to a point in my life where my inner strength and beauty, actually match my outward strength and beauty. I feel like the confident, sassy, powerful woman I portray on stage, is who I am in real life. It is an amazing feeling. I hope that everyone get there one day.

Courage. Passion. Hard Work.