Thursday, June 11, 2009

4-40 seems like a good time to go to bed.

Last Night I attended the premiere + the opening of the Cinevegas Indie Movie Festival + walked the red carpet. 
Got this dress at a vintage store and combined with the ever fierce KC bevel I think I did alright.
Those damn boys from Jersey Boys always steal the show. I am glad we walked first! They are so good looking!!! Sarah Silverman, who I have worked with prior rocked a hoodie and a backpac on the carpet. She is so rad. I only wish I could be so cool.

I ran into this guy, and it looks like someone coaxed me into pretended that we were buddies. He was actually very sweet. In a weird, I am standing next to carrot top kinda way.

I also stayed up until 4:40 am and got to watch the sun rise while driving home. This is my second sunrise and it was rad. I love dawn, but only when it is because I have not gone to bed yet, not because I have to get up early!

I am awake this morning early so that I can get focused. I have been seriously distracted. Darth Vader told me that in order to build and empire you have to stay focused, I have been focused on other silly things. But alas, back to work and the grind. I also wanted to announce some cool news that Lacey Schwimmer is going to be joining me at the S&B camp this summer! She is so rad and you are all so lucky that you will get to take from her!

In other news, my friends Nap+Tab really killed it with their choreo last night on SYTYCD. I think their musicality is some of the best in the biz. Plus they are super dope people with the best energy out there. I was not at home to watch so I had to check out everything this morning on youtube and I thought this was the best of the night. Enjoy.

I also wanted to say...You are the best. Thank you for the emails. I know not everyone wants to comment on here but YOU taking the time out to tell me your story, talk to me and inspire me via email makes me life. I will write back, I am just seriously behind. You all have such amazing stories and visions and I see so much hope and peace in us and it makes me proud to share this sky with you. Keep dreaming, keeping holding those heads up and keep dancing/painting/photoing/writing/singing/playingmusic/directing/acting or whatever else it is you dream of. The only difference between making it and breaking it is hard work. Full out! FEARLESS!