Friday, June 12, 2009

dance magazine contest!!!

GO! Right now!

Last night Paula Abdul was in the crowd at Peep. I tried to meet her afterwards and let her know that I had "Straight Up" on vinyl but she left. Bummer. Her SHUT UP AND DANCE album was the dance album of my childhood, she was my britney. I can remember dancing around my house in different spandex/neon dancerwear to cold heart snake. Hot.

Also last night was the bowling challenge, it was Peepshow vs. Jersey Boys vs. Phantom. I actually didn't get much bowling done because some friends of mine from the Cab came bowling too. Alex from the Cab is such a cool + good person. You might recognize him as Demi Lavato's ex? But I have watched him grow, get signed, and become a rad artist. We had some really good bowling alley chats last night and we just decided that we are sick of everyone in the music biz letting us down. It is hard to love what you do so much and have people who love it less get ahead. Same with the dance world. Some of it is just luck and it is not always the most deserving people who win. That can be a bummer, or it can light a fire under your ass. I choose the fire. Always have. Regardless, I can say this. It is not 1960, and it is not 1970. Bob Fosse isn't in rehearsal smoking ciggs + drinking whiskey. It is 2009, and the way to get ahead is hard work. That is it. People ruin their careers because they have this sense of entitlement. Like they are better, or more special than other people. Truth is, they got lucky, and only hard work can make it stay.

Please support someone who I think is special and has one of the greatest voices out there. Plus he is just a really, good nice person.