Monday, June 8, 2009

Best. Day. Ever

Today was one of my favorite days ever. I am feeling grounded, humbled by the greatness of the universe and pretty darn heart happy. I went for the greatest hike through Red Rocks today, and then decided I could scale a mountain side barefoot with hobo in my backpac. The Boulders got so big about 2 hours in that I had to put her in my pac and carry her the rest of the trip. She really loved that. What a lazybutt.

There are so few times that I go and do things for the simple fact of pleasing myself. So much of my life is dedicated to work, dance and this small little core of dreams I have that today it felt amazing to just let go, throw on some sneaks and laugh my way up the side of a mountain and be in awe of the vastness of the earth.

We are all so small and yet everything we do feels so big. If we all just sat on the biggest cliff on earth and chatted and dreamed and took in the fresh air, beautiful sky and sweet sunshine it wouldn't matter what we did, who we were or what we had. I love to be reminded of this. It made my reusable water bottle, reusable plastic bags and hate for litter justified. It makes peace, being a granola crunching hippie, and an animal loving veggiegirl all make sense.

I have never felt more beautiful. What an amazing day.