Sunday, June 21, 2009

Good Morning Broadway Bares

This is an older video, but I thought it summed up all about the show. Also has cameos of MY GAY and the amazing Denis Jones, who let me audition 6 times for Legally Blonde on broadway and still never hired me! Just Kidding! Love you Denis! XOXOXOXO

Today, in NYC the most wonderful night of the year happens. Broadway Bares. This charity event lends itself to my charity of choice "Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS" and was also created by my idol, mentor and friend Jerry Mitchell. To sum it up, this is a night where all the theatre folk in NYC from ensemble to leads get together, throw the best show of the year and do it in Pasties and Thongs. It is a riot. Bway Bares has raised over 5 million dollars for AIDS research. The show I am currently in, PEEPSHOW, started as a version of Bway Bares almost 10 years ago.

"The most important lesson I've learned from Broadway Bares is how important it is to be part of the community in which you work—and to give back. I eat, breathe and sleep the theater business, and there's no way to express the deep, deep joy I've gotten from this event and how grateful I am to be able to do it and live a full life as part of this incredibly talented and thriving community. The dancers I work with, the people I love do it full out. It's the only way to dance." - jerry Mitchell

Here is the thing, we will all reach a level of success in our lives. We we all struggle also. I think that what matters is what you do at the top when you are riding that wave of success. That way when it is your turn to struggle, someone, somewhere will be looking out for you. It is this idea of just taking care of the human condition, and being selfless. I know I cannot be perfect in life, but I will never allow one of my flaws to be that my ego got to big to remember that I was put on this planet to be a servant to the universe and to spread joy, love and peace. To give back, whenever I can. This is a wonderful cause, and one near and dear to me, my city and my Jerry. If you can, please click the lovely link posted on my blog to learn more about what you can do to help support.

I miss New York so much I can barely breathe these days. I could list all the things I miss about my city but Bway Bares would come in first today. Good Luck to my many friends tonight. Merde....and if you have time, a spraytan would be nice.