Wednesday, June 10, 2009

darlin' it ain't easy...

Last night this was said to me, I swear.

"Thank god you are back on the dancefloor, life has returned! "

(insert keltie giggle)

"You have the most amazing energy. If I looked up "Life" in the dictionary there would be a picture of you" - my little salsa friend Rubin.

I have fallen in love with my little salsa club. It takes me back to a time where women were beautiful creatures and men simply asked for a dance, and nothing more. To be tossed around the dance floor by strong hands and attempt to follow (i am always trying to lead!!!) is just the best feeling. I had a blast last night. Red Lips, a short skirt and nice flirt.

Falling out of love is so hard. The hardest thing I have ever done. Harder than pilates, spelling, and pointe work. Harder than remembering to floss, than getting a cab on a rainy day in Manhattan, than a four show day with the Rockettes. So hard. But I did it and it feels great. I have gotten to a point where I feel really happy, and it isn't fake. I just stopped caring, stopped looking down and started looking at what was in front of me. What was in front of me, in my life and in my heart, was really great. I should have stopped looking at the ground and feeing sorry for myself months ago. She won't let me embed this song, but check out zee avi. This song sums up life for me right now.