Wednesday, June 2, 2010

inside my white room.

"What you gave me was a reason. Not an excuse. Because there’s sex, making love and fucking. And then there’s you."

There is this white room called life. I can clearly see myself standing inside it. I have no idea where I am, or what I am doing, what I possess or where I am going. But inside that room is you and that is all that matters. It no longer matters what I create or what I destroy because I live inside this white room and if you are inside, then I have everything I need. We can create the rest, hold things in our hands that we think are important and then lose those things in an instant. Money, Fame, Chanel, nice cars, clothing lines, covers of magazines, none of these things are as important as love. That is why I believe, pray and fight for it everyday and I always will.