Sunday, June 27, 2010

There are so many things to say this weekend. BUT I am skipping over all of it for this.

There are so MANY wonderful things happening on So You Think You Can Dance this season.

First off my dear friend miss. Stacey Tookey is kicking butt. Second of all, I will be at the filming on wed (can't tell you why JUST yet!) and third KENT BOYD IS TOP 9!
Almost a year ago I met Kent because he was my assistant at Showstoppers...what you see on tv is real! He is kind, goofy and sweet as pie. I wish him the very very best and am very sad he won't be assisting me on Saturday at showstoppers in Myrtle Beach! (WHO IS COMING!!)

You know life in hollywood-land, and even some of newyorkerland can get really weird. It seems that everyone is clutching onto trying to be somewhere at the right time, with the right people so that they can fit in, or feel a little better about their lives. People go to the "hot" clubs and the "hot" restaurants because it apparently makes them cool, and...they might run into someone even cooler and become hang out friends with said celebrity.

For me, I've never been into the coolness of it all. I've always just surrounded myself with people I thought were talented, kind, and fun. Stacey and I grew up together, Kent worked with me and my date for SYTYCD and I have know each other for 10 years. I have watched all three of these people go from nobody to somebody. I just want to remind everyone to spend time on the good stuff- following your dreams, being good to your soul, and trusting your gut.

Being in a cool place doesn't really make you any cooler. Standing next to a "name" just makes you "the person standing beside whoever". I've sat on the tour buses, and had all kinds of VIP passes and you know what...

...if it isn't yours to hold. It isn't yours.

So spend less time trying to be something else, and spend more time being yourself, and just try to do that perfectly. There is a time and place for you to shine, and I promise if you work hard will be the brightest, most undeniable star that ever was.