Tuesday, June 15, 2010

there are always going to be things you wish were different and a list of things you wish you could redo. There is no rewind button in life, so chin up and realize that the universe is giving you exactly what you need. A reason to remember why you cut someone out of your life and a reason to be excited why you let someone else in. A reason you didn't book that job, tour or commercial. A reason why you got caught in every red light, even though you were in a hurry. Please trust that the universe is unfolding as it should.

The beauty of life is cut from the same cloth as the beauty of showbusiness- we never get to see what is waiting next in the wings.

It doesn't make me cry less over lost job, or easier to swallow the words that still cut open my vein I made directly for him to my heart, or make it easier to trust, love and be graceful. It just makes me feel like I belong, to the beautiful little army of girls who read this who really have no idea what they are doing. We all just sort of have to hold eachother up or bring eachother back to earth- depending on the day of the week.