Tuesday, June 8, 2010


so American apparel is launching their new DANCE line with American Apparel. This means that now you can order all your hipster girl stuff at the same time you are buying your 10th pair of pointe shoes, or your pink tights. AA likes to think they started the "leotard" as regular clothes style thing but, as I have explained before, I've been in leotard since I was 5. no big deal.

anyways, in addition to my line with Sugar and Bruno I am also (one) of the faces of the new AA line. I am pumped. Mostly because I got free swag at the shoot + I got to jump + dance around all day on set.

Here is a little story to inspire you in case you might ask...how on earth did you get to do something like this?

once upon a time I was a first year Rockette. dance captain Trina. nice to Trina=friends. 6 Years later. Debbie Roberts who runs the oldest + most epic great dance competition in North America SHOWSTOPPERS saw me on the cover of Dance Spirit Magazine. Debbie--->Trina that she would like to work with me. I started working with Showstopper. Debbie introduced me to Shelli. Shelli is a mover and shaker at Discount Dance. Discount Dance = over 3 million of us dancers as subscribers. Debbie went on + on + on about me (blush. awesome!) to Shelli. Shelli thought I was the most positive + loving person. Shelli contacted me to work with Discount Dance. American Apparel signed with DD and Shelli wanted me to be the face of it. rad.

So this was a little seed planted over 6 years ago.

So little dancers: it will happen. it can happen. but it will not happen overnight. you have to go out, each day, be the best you can, be kind to everyone regardless of what they do or who they are. create the reputation that you want to stay with you for your career. Show business is a show, but it is also a business. You will not be successful on high kicks alone. stay true to who you are + your dreams, but make sure to be aware of the oppurtunity to turn a pas de chasse into magic.

Miss. loftiss said to me today "you can't give up before the miracle". so true. stick with it. stick it out. stick to it. you can do this, even if every blister, sore muscle, bone in your body threatens to tell you that you cannot- you can.

i believe in you.