Monday, June 7, 2010

did you see that arabesque?

sorry but this video is the as a dancer i often have conversations with other dancer friends about how annoying it is that we study and study and train and train and for some reason in 99% of dance jobs we just hop around and do one left kick, granted I have based an entire career on that left kick.

I love this video because it is so different and fresh. the dancers are stunning and even thought the song is slightly to very wah-wah the video is visually stunning. I never got bored.

keep up on class + technique + hopefully directors + artists will see that true talent and real DANCING is so much better than booty pops and hair flips.


ps. I am making a new rad over sized tee for sugar and bruno and my idea is to put three ballet term giant urban outfitters style on the front in bold black writing. what three ballet terms would you use? so far I like Plie, Tendu and I need ONE more! help!

pps. awesome behind the scenes on the video!