Thursday, June 10, 2010

new mantra: get the &%*# out of your own way.

something I know for sure (and that I am very happy about)

one day people will write about me, not for being a girl who dated some guy who had a smash song, or the girl who did eye high kicks with Santa, or the girl who inspired you to do spins and stuff.

they will write about me being the girl who helped this girl make THIS happen. one day years from now after grammy's are won + goosebumps are felt I will STILL be pushing this girl to make this music and get out her own way. I would rather hold this girls hand, than any boy in the universe.

There are a million pretty voices and a million pretty girls behind them.
Those girls have stylists + vocal coaches + songwriters making them who they are.

This girl is the coolest girl I know, without the help of anyone.
There is only one Christina Perri.