Monday, June 28, 2010


people spend their lives trying to look like the girls in the magazines, be like the women from the movies or dress like the chicks on the red carpets. Not me. I don't own a tv. I don't buy magazines. I often get asked who is your celebrity crush, who is your favorite celebrity- I honestly don't have one. All my idols and crushes are true talents. Dancers, choreographers + singers no one has heard...

I live my life trying to one day get to the level of "cool" that this chick has. Fosse created effortless sexy, cool and sophisticated movement topped with the right touch of "aloof". She's so sexy because she commands her body. Long, lean, and powerful! No wonder Beyonce stole this idea for her "get my bodied" video a few years ago. Beyonce is a super fox, but she has nothing on the OG. (ps. do I see a titty pop in her video!? sweet!)

Frug. There just isn't anything cooler.
Get your high ponytail. Your black lashes. Get into it.