Sunday, June 20, 2010

you're so damn beautiful.

remember that time we woke up and he dragged me to the living room and made me slow dance with him in my pajamas to this song?

I love slow dancing.
I love that him at 6'5 + me at 5'6 make me head directly on his heart in slow dance position. (his heart beats 64 times a minute, I counted)
I love boys that treat girls like the precious little mysteries that we are.

Maybe it will end tomorrow, maybe we will decide that this isn't what it should be, or that life will get in the way, or other people, or work or any of the million reasons that things fall apart. But, right now, today- I just feel so lucky that you gave me a happy story to tell. I was so tired of my worn out, what went wrongs, where my scars are story. I just can't tell that one anymore.

I like this story better. I like you better. I like the me I am with you, better.