Thursday, June 17, 2010

everything has changed.

first of all- did you know I have a twitter? yup. little ol' me, I am pretty sure you do to, well you should follow me...@keltiecolleen

This is someone you should know. Calen Kurka. Teaches at BDC in NYC. He is a magical artist.

Knowing Calen and learning from him, and being his friend has changed the way I see myself, the way i feel about life and the way i feel about art.

I am someone who cannot do one tiny thing without letting the world know.
Calen is someone who has been brilliant for years + I had to beg him to make a youtube page. Calen makes me feel like I am faking it. He speaks such original thoughts + I just regurgitate whatever it is I see.

Please support calen + his company. He deserves it.